Corrector and Concealer

What are they and how will they change my life?


The biggest question…What is the difference between CORRECTOR and CONCEALER? 

Corrector – A colour corrector is completely different to a concealer and should always be used in conjunction with a concealer and not on its own. Kinda like shampoo and conditioner. They look the same, but you would never just condition your hair without shampooing. 

Different colours have different roles:

  • Orange/peach – Cancels out green/brown. Really great for hyper pigmentation or under eye darkness on a medium to dark skin.
  • Pink/bisque – Cancels out blue/purple under the eyes. Brightens dullness and hyper pigmentation on fair skin.
  • Green – Neutralises redness. Great for rosacea or high colour on the cheeks.
  • Yellow – Cancels out mild redness and blue/purple tones under the eyes on a fair skin.
  • Purple – Neutralises dull yellow undertones on light to medium skin.
  • Blue – Neutralises sallowness and hyper pigmentation on fair skin.

” Corrector and concealer is kinda like shampoo and conditioner. You wouldn’t condition without shampooing. Just like you wouldn’t correct without concealing.”

Essentially the corrector is going to do all the hard work, allowing you to not have to pile on coverage, just to cover that one blemish or pigmentation. I always recommend using a small stippling brush to apply corrector. This allows you to build little layers of the right corrector where you need it.

Concealer –  Should be your natural skin tone colour. It will generally have more coverage than your foundation so perfect to pop under your eyes, on top of a blemish or hyper pigmentation to bring your skin tone back to normal after applying a corrector. If you love a natural finish to your skin, using your concealer just around little areas of the face (as your foundation) is the best way to create a flawless looking skin without the “cakeyness”. 

I hope this clears up the difference between a corrector and concealer and how to use them.

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