Hair do's and don'ts

9 golden rules to gorgeous hair.


We really take it out on our hair… All the heat, aggressive brushing, dry shampoo, back combing… The list goes on. So I wanted to share my list of do’s and dont’s for hair to help keep it in good condition throughout all the aggressions we put it through.


  1. Use a hair oil at the ends of your hair – This is going to condition your ends and prevent them from splitting…and of course make your hair look shiny and sleek.
  2. Find the right products for you hair – It’s just like finding skincare for your skin. Depending on your hair condition and the type of hair you have, finding the right hair care products to suit it will really change the way your hair looks and feels.
  3. Brush your hair from bottom to top – I will put my hands up and say, for years, I took it out on my hair! Brushing it from the roots, hearing my hair break as I desperately combed out my knots. It is so important to brush your hair from the ends, slowly working up towards your roots. This ensures that you don’t damage and break your hair.
  4. Regularly clean you hair brushes and tools. – Cleaning your hair tools and brushes are just as important as cleaning your makeup brushes. Like our makeup brushes, we leave oils and bacteria on our hair brushes and tools. You don’t want to transfer this back on your hair as it will affect your hairs condition.
  5. Use heat protection products – Lets face it, we all love the way our hair looks when its blow-dried, straightened, curled… Whatever style it may be, using heat on your hair is extremely damaging, so make sure that you use a good heat protecting spray. Its just like wearing SPF for your face and body!

” The hair is in a fragile state when it is wet.”


  1. Over wash your hair – Over washing strips the natural oils in your hair that help condition it and also irritates your scalp. It’s the same as over washing and scrubbing your face.
  2. Apply conditioners and leave in conditioners too close to your scalp. – This can clog the pores on your scalp and create a greasy layer on it. This will also effect the result of your blow-dry or styling as it will make the hair look flat.
  3. Comb your hair wet. – When the hair is wet, it is in a very fragile state. Combing it wet will lead to the hair breaking more easily and can really damage it. If you are going to comb it wet, make sure that you buy a brush that it specifically made for wet brushing. Remember to always comb from the ends up.
  4. Sleep with wet hair. – Again, the hair is at a fragile state when it is wet. Therefore when you sleep with it wet, it is more likely to damage and easily get knotted.

Hope this helps you maintain a healthy condition to your hair! Until next time… 

G x

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