How to get a Summer Glow

Find out how to build the ultimate glow without looking sweaty!


We all desire that sun-kissed summer glow but there is a fine line between having that healthy glow and looking sweaty. Here is my guide on how to create healthy, glowing skin with minimal coverage and without the oily slick.

Hydrated skin is half the work

Prepping your skin is the most important part of gaining that gorgeous, glowing complexion. Make sure that you take your time on your skincare routine to create the perfect canvas for makeup to glide onto. If your skin isn’t prepped well, makeup won’t sit evenly and you’ll not be able to get your desired look.

“Use your foundation as a very light layer to even out the complexion then add concealer just were you need.”

Don't rely on foundation

On a day to day basis, we look to foundation to create a flawless canvas on our skin. However I always advise to use your foundation as a very light layer to even out the complexion then add concealer just were you need to get that extra coverage. This means you are just getting full coverage where you need it and not all over the face.

Powder only where necessary

Setting your makeup is key, but when it comes to the glow, make sure you are only setting where you can see oily shine. That’s normally around your T-zone, chin, and tops of your cheeks. This will take away that oily slick whilst keeping the glow. 

Glow-getter essentials

Here is a list of my must have products to create the most amazing glow and how to use them.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

  • To be honest, I wish I created this product. It is a hybrid between a tinted moisturiser and a highlighter. It comes in different shades for all skin tones and will create an effortless, lit from within glow that gives a touch of coverage. I especially love this if you have a uneven skin tone or little hyper pigmentation like me as it really evens out the complexion. Apply on the high points of the face and blend out before your foundation/concealer for a soft glow. Perfect for all skin types.

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Moisture Balm

  • This is the ultimate product for that skin care dewy glow. It is a very lightweight moisturiser with pearl particles to create a light reflecting glow that looks like skin. The best thing about the Illuminating Balm is its versatility. You can wear it on bare skin for an all over glow, mix it into any foundation and even blend with your cream blusher to create a dewy flush on the cheeks. Perfect for normal/dry complexions.

Tan-luxe Super Gloss Serum

  • Another versatile product that you can wear on its own or mixed into your foundation. It is a stunning bronze glow light weight serum that instantly creates that all over sun kissed skin (especially in this awful weather we are having!). On top of being an all round beautiful product, it also has SPF 30 to protect the skin! What more could you want? Perfect for all skin types.

Fenty Beauty Freestyle Highlighter Duo

  • Not one, but two highlighters in one! This powder highlighter duo is amazing on oily complexions as it will give you a glow without the oily skin. Perfect placed just on the high points of the face (cheekbones, bridge & tip of nose, cupids bow). 

Cream Blush

  • I haven’t stated a particular brand as there are so many amazing cream blushes in the market. They create the most healthy juicy look to the cheeks. Some of my favourites are from Fenty, Bobbi Brown, Pixi & Still. If you want a youthful glow, cream blusher is the way to go.

Hope these tips & tricks help you get the glow you want this summer!

Till next time…

G x

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