How to get salon style hair at home.

6 must have hair tools/products for your hair.


If you want ‘Salon Style’ hair at home cause like me, you just can’t afford or justify getting a blow dry every week, here are some tools that are a must have!

Revlon Pro Collection Salon One Step Hair Dryer & Volumiser:

Let me start by saying, before I purchased this amazing tool, I knew absolutely nothing about styling hair. However, this made blow drying my hair so easy and effortless.

This is essentially a massive brush, attached to a blow dryer. It is ideal for anyone with mid length to long hair as the brush is really big, allowing you to have full control of your hair without any tangling. Just separate you hair into sections, and let the brush do the work.

Honestly, even if you have zero skills in hair styling, you will be able to use this. The results are amazing and it is really affordable.

GHD Rise Hot Brush:

I’m not sure if I have been living under a rock this whole time, but did you know that GHD stands for Good Hair Day? Mind blown.

I am a big GHD fan and yes they are a little more expensive than your average hair tool, but my gosh are they worth it! Especially for how long they last. I see it as the same price as 4 blow dries. Doesn’t seem too bad now huh?

They have just brought out their new GHD Rise Hot Brush which is meant to give you an extra lift of volume to your hair whilst styling it. It hasn’t let me down.

I have really heavy, long hair and this makes it so easy to style my hair with a professional look. So you can imagine, it’s even easier if you have shorter hair.

The bristles on the Hot Brush doesn’t get hot which means you can have good control whilst styling your hair, without burning your hand.

No Bend Leaf Clips

I saw these backstage whilst I was working at New York Fashion Week. All the models had these clips in their hair in all sorts of pretty colours and I just fell in love! I found out from the hairdresser (who very kindly gave me a couple) that the clips help set the hair in place without leaving any kinks.

This is such a great tool to have as it allows you to clip back your hair without disturbing any styling you have done to your hair. They are super cheap for a big pack which you can get on Amazon.

“So much oil and bacteria gets stuck in your hair brush, which essentially transfers back to your hair every time you brush it.”

Aveda Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair and Scalp Refresher:

This product actually has pretty bad reviews unfortunately. But I think it is because everyone is mistaking it for a dry shampoo. It is definitely not a dry shampoo.

I adore this product as it is perfect when your hair and scalp just needs a little refresh. It is not going to eliminate greasiness in the hair like a dry shampoo, but it will make your scalp feel cool and fresh and has a really beautiful and clean mint smell.

Perfect after being in a restaurant and your hair smells like food. If you want the full effect of that ‘mid week wash’ feeling, I would use this first, then a dry shampoo over the top.  

Hair Brush Cleaner:

It was honestly revolutionary when I found this tool. It looks like a mini rake, but it’s designed to clean out all the hair and fluff that gets stuck in your hair brush.

Weirdly satisfying to do, and extremely important as a clean brush contributes to clean hair. So much oil and bacteria gets stuck in your hair brush, which essentially transfers back to your hair every time you brush it.

So make sure you are regularly using this tool and wash your brushes after to maintain healthy hair care. Another cheap one that you can easily get on Amazon. Life changing!


Yes, yes…a toothbrush. They cost next to nothing and yet are extremely handy for hair styling. If you love a sleek pony or you’re into ‘laying your edges’, a toothbrush (preferably medium to hard bristle) is a must have.

A great tip is to spray your hairspray onto your toothbrush and use the toothbrush to slick down any stubborn hairs to make that pony super sleek. You can even dip the toothbrush into styling wax or gel for something a little stronger.

It is a perfect, inexpensive tool that will change your hair styling forever.

Hope these tips help you get that gorgeous professional looking hair at home!

Till next time…

G x

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