How to tell what your skin wants

My top skincare tips, to keep your skin looking and feeling tip-top.


Everyday when you wakeup, your skin wants something different… That’s because your skin reacts to different elements in your lifestyle. For example, If you have had a few glasses of wine on a Sunday night, you may wake up Monday morning with dehydrated looking, thirsty skin. That’s because alcohol is really dehydrating.

Maybe you drank 3 litres of water everyday for one week. You will probably find that at the end of the week, your skin is looking bouncy and hydrated because of it. Your lifestyle has a huge impact on your skin.

How do I tell what my skin wants?

  1. Take a close look at it. What does it look like? Does it look oily? Can you see any dehydration lines? Is there any flakey skin?
  2. What are your main concerns? Is it that your skin looks dull? Can you seen any pigmentation? 
  3. What does it feel like? When you run your fingers over your skin, can you feel any texture? Is it smooth? 

These are all things you want to think about when trying to figure out what your skin wants. Here is a very easy breakdown of what your skin is trying to tell you…

  • Flakey skin = Dry (It wants moisture through oil)
  • Fine dehydration lines = Dehydrated (It wants water)
  • Oily shine all over face = Oily (It wants something light weight or something that is going to balance your oil production)
  • Oily just in the T-zone = Probably dehydration (I will go into this more in my next chapter)

Note that your skin can feel a few of the above at the same time.

“Your lifestyle has a huge impact on your skin.”

Something that I come across everyday is people not knowing what skin type they are – which is fine! How are we suppose to know something we haven’t been taught right? 

So today I challenge you to take a good look and feel of your skin. Really try and figure out what it is telling you and I will be back doing a chapter of each skin type.

Speak soon!

G x

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