Top inexpensive hair oils to care for your hair

Nourished, beautiful hair at a fraction of the cost.


We spend hundreds, maybe for some, even thousands of pounds on our hair each year! Of course we do… I mean after all, it is 90% of our selfie!

Now, I do believe you should never cheap out on your shampoos and conditioners as a lot of cheaper brands are packed with chemicals that can cause build up in your hair. However, when it comes to hair oils, there are so many natural/organic oils in the market that are inexpensive and will work just as well or even better than the high end brands.

Here is a list of my favourite oils that will treat the hair :

  1. Olive Oil (extra virgin) –

Olive oil is an excellent oil to promote shine and moisture to the hair. It’s great if you find that you have frizzy and easily tangled hair. It is really light weight in texture, so easy to wash out. And the best part is, it is probably in your kitchen cupboard! 

I love massaging it into the roots of my hair, all the way down to the tips. Leave in anywhere from 30 mins to over night. 

  1. Caster Oil –

Caster oil is excellent for hair growth and thickening as it is full of nutrients. If you are finding that it takes a long time to grow your hair, I would definitely try this oil out twice a week. 

Caster oil has quite a thick consistency, so if you don’t like the feeling of it or if you are finding it hard to massage it into your hair, mix it with a little olive or coconut oil to thin it out.

Really work it into the roots of the hair and scalp, right down to the ends. Caster oil is best left on over night or as long as you can.

  1. Coconut Oil (cold pressed) –

I love coconut oil as it is a great all-round oil for the hair. It’s nourishing, conditioning and smells so good! I don’t find that it makes my hair as shiny as olive oil, however, it definitely gives the hair deep conditioning if you find that it gets tangled easily. Coconut oil is also great if you have no real concerns with your hair, but just want something to keep up its healthiness. 

As coconut oil solidifies, heat it up on a very low heat until it melts or on a double boiler and work it through the hair. Leave it on between 1 hour to over night. 

” I would definitely recommend getting a good quality, organic oil.”

Remember, rinsing oil out of you hair can be a challenge! So make sure you are double cleansing your hair. Once with a small amount of shampoo (which might not lather up too much) and a second time (which will lather a lot) to really remover any leftover oil residue. 

On a last note, I would definitely recommend getting a good quality, organic oil. Again, this won’t be anywhere as expensive as the high end brands, but it makes a huge difference!

Until next time!

G x

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