Why do you love full coverage foundation?

The art of getting flawless skin without the coverage.


Why do you love full coverage foundation? If your answer is any of the below, then it’s not a legitimate reason.

  1. I have blemishes.
  2. I have hyper pigmentation.
  3. My skin colour is uneven.
  4. I have a lot of redness.
  5. I like my makeup to stay on all day.
  6. I have large pores.
  7. It covers up my wrinkles.
  8. It makes my skin look flawless.
  9. I have really dark under eyes.
  10. I hate my freckles.

These are just a few of so many reasons why people want full coverage foundation. BUT the only time I would do a full coverage on someone is if their answer is this…

I love to look like I am wearing full coverage makeup.

Why? Well I think so many people associate the word FLAWLESS with FULL COVERAGE. Trust me, flawless definitely doesn’t mean full coverage. 

” The Instagram style of makeup is made for camera, not for real life.”

Like every skill you gain, knowledge is power… It’s how you apply your makeup that will bring you flawlessness. Please don’t get me wrong, the makeup style you see on Instagram with all the baking, contouring, wearing concealer 4 times lighter than your skin tone is definitely an art and a skill. However, that style of makeup is made for camera, not for real life. 

All of my most disliked makeup that I have done (mainly for shoots) that looked heavy and textured in real life has always looked great on camera because you loose so much of the makeup behind camera. If you are a makeup artist, it is so important to learn both skills, behind the camera and real life and know what works best for the situation. However if you are someone who is just doing makeup on yourself for everyday life, then here are some helpful tips to create a flawless makeup without the coverage.

You will need (in order) :

  1. A colour corrector
  2. A concealer
  3. Your favour foundation (optional)
  4. A foundation powder/setting powder

Yes, now you may think that there are too many products and its going to look too heavy. However, it’s not how much makeup you apply on, it’s how you use it… In this makeup blog series, I am going to go through in detail the uses of each of these products and how you can create a flawless look without having to pile on the coverage!

The first episode will be on the world of colour correcting and how it can completely eliminate the look of hyper pigmentation, dark under eyes, redness, dullness etc… 

Till then!

G x

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